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About Carers Oxfordshire

Carers Oxfordshire is a free service which offers information, advice and support to someone aged 18 and over, who is looking after someone aged 18 and over, living in Oxfordshire, who could not manage without this help.

Based on a partnership between Action for Carers Oxfordshire,  Rethink and Oxfordshire County Council, the service has built a national reputation for reaching and supporting carers in innovative ways.

By identifying carers much earlier in their caring lives and ensuring they are in contact with preventive services, the service aims to reduce the likelihood of crises and carer breakdown.

What we do

The Carers Oxfordshire service aims to make it easier for carers, whatever their situation, to access information and support.

The service has four elements:

  • a telephone and web-based information service  - providing information about benefits and entitlements, support services, carer’s breaks, emergency back-up, employment, helping carers to look after themselves, training opportunities to support carers in their caring roles and much more

  • an outreach support service – providing advice and support over the phone and face-to-face

  • a network of peer support groups

  • training and wellbeing opportunities.

How to contact Carers Oxfordshire


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Voices of Experience

Voices of Experience works alongside Carers Oxfordshire and provides opportunities for carers to have their voices heard - and acted on. Members work to provide the best listening, acting and involvement support wherever and whenever they can.