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Below is some basic advice, courtesy of the BBC, with links to the BBC website on helpful ways to customise your web browsing experience.


How to make your text larger

You can make the text on your computer easier to see and read in a number of ways. These guides explain how to increase the text size in your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux). You can also make the text bigger in specific programmes such as web browsers, which will make it easier to surf the internet.

There are three ways to do this…


How to change text and background colours

>Some people find certain text and background colour combinations difficult to read, while others prefer to always have a specific colour, such as white text on a black background. These guides explain how you can change the text and background colours in your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux) and browser to better suit your needs.


There are two ways to do this…


Further advice

View further assessibility and usability advice from the BBC