Carer's review

This form is for carers who completed a carers' assessment with Oxfordshire County Council 12 months or more ago. We will contact you when you are due a review - please do not complete this form unless we have contacted you. If it has been less than 12 months since your last assessment and you feel you require some additional support please complete a new carers' assessment.

Carer's details

You will find the six-figure number on top of the letter we sent you - don't worry if you can't find it - it's not essential.

As part of your assessment you identified areas where you would like support in your caring role.

Changes in your needs and/or caring role

Choose from the options below. Select 'significant' if, for example, there has been a considerable deterioration or improvement in the condition of the person you care for - or something has changed in your life affecting your caring role, such as starting work, caring for another person, moving home, having health problems  - anything that has dramatically changed your needs.

Select 'minimal or no change' if you are providing the same care as a year ago, or your needs are the same, or there has only been a small change in the care you provide.

Impact on your health and wellbeing

Choose from the options below.  Select 'significant' if you feel less able/more able to cope with daily tasks this year when compared with last year.

Select 'minimal or no change' if you feel that you are managing your caring role and daily tasks as you were a year ago.

If you have selected a ‘significant change in your needs we would like to know more information. (please note we may need to contact you should we require further information.

Your support plan

Do you feel your support plan needs to change? For example do you have other needs you would like support with, different outcomes that you want to achieve or you feel that there has been a change in your need?

Some examples of this are changes to caring roles you carry out, moving house, a change in employment status or support from family and friends.