Balance Work and Caring

Working can have its advantages when you’re a carer; it helps you to keep your identity outside of caring and it provides an income you may need.

However, many carers need support to help them stay in work.  Consider talking to your employer about how they can support you to stay in work.  You have statutory rights as a carer, but you could check your contract of employment, staff handbook, HR policies or letter of appointment to see if you have any contractual rights too.

Juggling work and care can be hard, so take time to know about your rights. Your_rights_in_work_UK1031_JUNE_2019.pdf (

If you’re juggling work with looking after someone, you’re not alone – there are 5 million working carers in the UK. 

Want to get involved?

You can get involved with Carers Oxfordshire, if you have some time to spare then volunteering as a befriender might be of interest.

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