Award Winning Workshops

Caring for someone else shouldn’t come at the cost of caring for yourself.

We help you to find ways to care for yourself as you care for another:

A Carer’s Journey’ gives you an opportunity to reclaim some time and to improve your wellbeing alongside the demands of the person you look after.

We designed our courses specifically to support you through the stages of caring, with a balance between learning practical skills and maintaining your physical and mental health.  And they’re all free to carers.

A Carer’s Journey helps you to:

Feel more confident in your caring role, with practical skills that strengthen your ability to cope and reduce the risk of injury to you and the person you look after. 

Improve your health, reduce stress and maintain a balance between life and caring with restful and therapeutic activities.

Develop your self-compassion and self-kindness to manage your role and recognise you matter too.

Understand bereavement, and how to ‘fit’ in the wider world if you are faced with a loss.  

.. it has made a really positive impact on my emotional state, which means I am better able to support my sister.

A Carer’s Journey’ is mapped into different phases:

  1. Skills and Confidence Building – developing skills to cope and reduce the risk of injury.
  2. Wellbeing and Self-recognition – maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing, reducing stress and isolation and contributing to a better balance between life and caring.
  3. Moving On – improving motivation and confidence to move on, reducing feelings of abandonment after caring, supporting the practical and emotional challenges associated with change.

To join in at any stage of caring and any point of the programme you can find the workshops here.   

Workshops are planned and updated every year which helps us to adapt to feedback from carers.  Courses run from September to July.

Watch our videos made by carers who took these courses

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You can get involved with Carers Oxfordshire, if you have some time to spare then volunteering as a befriender might be of interest.

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