Carers Voices Event 17 August 2022

(Invitation to carers 18+ of someone age 18+ living in Oxfordshire)

Oxfordshire’s carers are telling us about the impact that support for the persons they care for has on them along with the impact of caring day to day in Oxfordshire.

Recently carers told us that services for the person they care for create difficulties that they must find time to deal with alongside caring for someone:

  • It’s time consuming and takes a long time to get support.
  • Routes are confusing, people don’t respond very quickly, and you can’t find the right information.
  • Services seem to lack consideration for the carer and its difficult getting time for yourself.

We know that in most caring situations you, the carer will take the responsibility to arrange and manage care for the person you look after, and this means it will have an impact on you!

We want you to tell Oxfordshire County Council what it’s like, about the support you get and what would make a difference to you.

We hear carers say it’s hard being a carer. Together we can do something about it! Come and talk to:

Karl Dickens and/or Karen Buckingham from Adult Social Care

John Pearce from Adult Social Care Commissioning for Carers

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

09:30am to 1:30pm

at Oxford Spires, Oxford


Tea & coffee & lunch provided

If you would like to join this event you can book a place here