What would you like to say about yourself? What do you enjoy doing?

I’m 46 and married to Paul.  We have 2 children Elliot and Charlotte.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist and take my time to do things.  I don’t enjoy cooking because I don’t think I’m very good at it.  I was a nurse for some years before I had children and I will be again once I can work.  I meet my sister every week for coffee, we’re really close and we can talk the hind legs off a donkey given the chance.  We try to holiday together as a family – she helps me with Charlotte.

What made you realise you are a carer?

Probably realised I was a carer when she was about 18 months, the doctors said she might need quite a lot of support.

How long have you been caring?

8 years

Who do you support, your relationship?

Our daughter Charlotte

Condition of person you are for

Down’s Syndrome

What does the person(s) you care for need help with?

Charlotte was born and diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome.  She has lots of physio therapy appointments to increase muscle strength, and improve her posture and balance, I take her to lots of appointments.  We’ve been told that she also has a learning disability but we don’t know to what extent that will be yet.  She is very loving and we have lots of cuddles. We have to look out for changes in her mood or behaviour – because she can’t tell us when something’s wrong or she’s unwell.

We’re not sure exactly what the future will hold but we will do everything we can to support her.

A Special Quote

The best Daughter Ever!

How did Carers Oxfordshire help?

I completed the carers assessment on line as you had told me about it.  I had a call from a lovely lady who was really supportive, processed my application and sent through some really useful information as well as sending me £300 to treat myself and the family. They asked about Elliott and how he helped with Charlotte and spoke about how to get young carer support. We know that Elliott absolutely adores his sister they play together a lot, Charlotte manages quite well right now so we felt quite happy that he is OK. The lady said that if we feel things change we can get in touch any time, its good to know they’re looking out for him too.

The money is great but more than anything it was so lovely to have someone to listen and offer support.