Recognising You’re Caring

If you recognise your role, you will be able to get vital information, support and companionship that will make your caring role easier.   

You may be new to doing the things that you do to support someone.  It may not be affecting you too much right now and you may not have realised that you are a carer.

You may be exhausted and have adjusted your whole life to looking after someone before you realise what you are doing to support someone. 

You may not want others to know about your role. 

Other people who care can help you recognise your role.

When we talk to people, we hear many reasons:  

LC to confirm

If you need help with understanding whether you are a carer you can contact us.    

Want to get involved?

You can get involved with Carers Oxfordshire, if you have some time to spare then volunteering as a befriender might be of interest.

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