What would you like to say about yourself? What do you enjoy doing?

I’m a mum of two children, a daughter and a son who I am very proud of and I am married to a wonderful husband.  I enjoy shopping, I go to church tea breaks every week and I crochet blankets and donate them to the animal sanctuary.

What made you realise you are a carer?

I had to do so much more for my son, I was finding things difficult so much more than other parents seemed to. I felt like I was doing a bad job of it, and things were getting very difficult at school too.  School helped me apply for an assessment for my son and I realised that he needed more support.  I do lots of things for my parents too.

How long have you been caring?

7 years for my child, 1 for my parents

Who do you support, your relationship?

My son, mum and dad.

Condition of person you care for?

My son has Autism, Dad has arthritis and Mum is struggling with her mobility because she’s getting older.

What does the person(s) you care for need help with:

My son goes to school but I have to take him, he won’t ever be able to go on his own on.  He needs a lot of attention, guidance and help, he doesn’t sleep very well, some nights are full of toileting and soothing.

Dad has limited mobility and is in a lot of pain so he is mostly in his chair, he has episodes of frustration that he’s not very mobile and this affects his mental health. Mum can’t do things for him like she used to as she’s older now.  I do most of the cooking and cleaning to help out and I take both of them to appointments.  I do the shopping and I read the daily paper to dad, this is so much more difficult during school holidays.

A Special Quote

I love my family my parents who took care of me are now being taken care of by me.  My son will almost certainly need me for the rest of my life.

How did Carers Oxfordshire help?

I rang Carers Oxfordshire as my Mum is struggling with the care of my Dad, she had received an email from someone but got confused about the support that was on offer and then accidentally deleted the email!.  I had a helpful chat with them and they explained clearly to me the content of the email, that Mum had been awarded £300 and how Mum said she wanted to see the sea.  They also rang Mum and talked to her about her worries and about looking for a care home for respite care for Dad and reminded her that she can ring the Carersline.  During the conversation with me they also picked up that I was a carer both for my parents and our son, asked if I had done a carers assessment and suggested it may be helpful to me.  I felt that my concerns for both my Mum and me were understood and I was listened to and Mum was grateful to be contacted. Thank you.