What if I want to do an assessment myself, without you?

Some Carers prefer to complete an assessment on their own, you will need to have a computer, tablet or smart phone and a connection to the internet to do this. The available online assessment is a full carer assessment – if you struggle with this please let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help.  You can find the online carer assessment here   

It is our knowledge and experience of supporting carers to complete a carer assessment that can help you to know that you are in good hands so if you decide at any point that you would like to change your mind and ask for support to do this let us know, we will arrange for someone to help.  

When you complete a carer assessment yourself it will come to us after. We will contact you to have a conversation about what is in the assessment and any support you may need.

We help you to:

  • Feel more confident in your caring role through our bespoke carers’ support. 
  • Navigate support options like benefits and entitlements, support services, carers’ breaks, employment and much more.
  • Worry less with advice and support both over the phone and face to face, including support to complete carers’ assessments and support plan.
  • Be prepared for any situation and plan for help in a crisis.
  • Learn from and share with other carers and enjoy companionship through local support groups and connections in your area.
  • Find time and ways to make space for yourself.
  • Be listened to.

Want to get involved?

You can get involved with Carers Oxfordshire, if you have some time to spare then volunteering as a befriender might be of interest.

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