Am I a carer?

You are an unpaid carer if you have someone who relies on you to stay safe and well. The person you care for can be any age, and you don’t need to live with them. They may need support due to having a disability, mental or physical illness, an addiction, or other additional needs.

Anyone of any age can be a carer. Carers Oxfordshire provides support to adults aged 18 years and over.

Adult Carers

Adult carers provide unpaid support to someone aged 18 years and over. The person you care for could be a family member, friend, or neighbour.

adult carer

Parent Carers

Parent carer

Every parent cares for their child, which is why often parents don’t realise they are carers. Some children need extra support because of their needs. If you’re giving your child support that other children the same age don’t usually need, then you are a parent carer.

No one likes to be labelled. However, realising you are a carer is the first step to getting the information, advice, and support you need.