Time for you

Time for you

Caring means something different for everyone, but the regular demands of caring can lead to tiredness and poor health, so it’s important to get time for you.

We have a range of opportunities for carers designed to improve your health and wellbeing, help you to get a break from caring, encourage you to have an active life and help you fulfil your goals around education, training and employment.

These are options that can be explored:

1. To improve your wellbeing and help you get a break from caring:

Carefree – is a one- or two-night hotel break away offering free accommodation for registered carers.  Other costs such as a £25 admin fee, travel and spending costs will need to be covered.

Home Spa – A spa box delivered to your home that will help you to take time for yourself, this break is ideal for carers that are unable to take a carefree break away from home.

2. To encourage you to have an active life:

Better Leisure Memberships – a free Annual membership that gives carers up to 50% off activities at a Better Leisure location.

3. To help you fulfil your goals around education, training and employment we offer:

Course/ Funding – Carers who are looking to find a hobby, retrain and upskill, or simply follow a passion, can apply for support towards the cost of taking any part-time and evening courses in a local area.

We offer Up to £150 per year for any part-time courses on the Abingdon and Witney College site.

A Carers Journey – Award winning free workshops and courses created for carers in partnership with Abingdon & Witney College, designed to help you improve your well-being and gain confidence in caring.

Employability If you’re not in work and thinking of moving into paid employment, a volunteering role or maybe training and study, there are courses that can help.

All courses and funding are available to carers aged 19 or over.

To sign up for the carers journey or apply for funding please visit:

Counselling for Carers – If you’re a carer, counselling is a chance to focus on you and think about what you want. A counsellor is a qualified listener who can help you think about your situation, look at your options, and find ways to cope.  We have a limited number of subsidised counselling sessions for carers, typically a carer would contribute around £20/session.

If you are interested in applying for any of the Carers Oxfordshire offers you must be an unpaid carer age 18 or over and looking after someone who lives in Oxfordshire. All offers are dependent on individual circumstances. 

Please complete our contact form. When you reach the section – tell us why you are contacting us please select the option ‘Short Breaks and Wellbeing offers’ – this will ensure you will be contacted by the right person