Carer Support Groups

Carers groups

There are many carer support groups in Oxfordshire. Talking to other carers can be a big comfort. Whether it’s asking for advice or just discussing how you feel.

Some carer support groups are for unpaid carers in general (including the group we run) while others are aimed at carers of people with specific conditions such as Dementia, Autism, mental health illness or addictions. There are also groups for specific communities for example Veterans.

Visit one of the Oxfordshire County Council directories below to find the right carer support group for you:

Carer’s Oxfordshire Support Group

Join the Carer’s Oxfordshire Support Group and get comfort from talking to other carers who understand your situation. Come for a chat every third Tuesday of the month from 10.30 am – 12 pm

Carer and Cared for are welcome.

Barracks Lane Community Garden, Barracks Lane (off Cumberland Road), Oxford, OX4 2AP

Call Carersline on 01235 424715 to let us know you’re planning to attend.

Carer Group Poster
Download a printable copy of our poster and spread the word.

Rethink Support Group

Our partner Rethink Oxfordshire runs an online monthly peer support group for carers of friends and family in secure mental health services. See our events page for dates and times.

Trans Carer’s Oxfordshire Group

For anyone that has a family member, loved one or friend who identifies as Trans or Gender questioning, Gender Variant or Non-Binary.

Phone: 07464 407 204
Trans Carer’s Facebook group