Carer’s Assessments

A carer’s assessment is the best way to look at what support you are giving to someone and what is needed to help you to look after yourself, stay well and safe, while you are caring for someone else.  

If you’re feeling less able to cope or if things feel quite difficult for you, an assessment can help.

What is a carer’s assessment?

A carer’s assessment is about you and what you do as a carer. It will help to understand how you’re managing and to identify things that can be difficult for you.  Although we need to ask about the support you provide to someone a carer’s assessment is aimed at helping you stay well and do the things that you want or need to do for yourself. 

Why do a carer’s assessment?

It’s an opportunity to see how things are going for you. 

A carer’s assessment builds a picture about you, what you’re being relied on to do, your wellness and ability to do the things that you want or need to do for yourself.  It helps to identify things that are difficult because of caring.

It’s not an assessment of how well you look after the person you care for, it’s all about you and is something you’re legally entitled to.

If you need support, it will help you get it.

Ways to do a carer’s assessment

To get the most out of your assessment it is best to prepare beforehand. Preparing for your assessment 

  • Online: You can complete a carer’s assessment yourself online. If you complete an online assessment, we will contact you afterwards to talk about any support you may need. Please note using this link will take you to the County Council portal.
  • Supported: If you feel unable to do an assessment yourself we can help. We can arrange to help you with the assessment at a time and place that is good for you, whether that’s face to face or by phone. If you need our help to complete a carer’s assessment, please contact- us.

Do you need support?

If you are struggling to cope a carer assessment provides the information to consider what can make things easier for you. Things that will help, who can help and how much time it might take to achieve the things that can help. Whatever that is we will understand what is needed to make caring easier for you. 

Getting Support

If during your assessment we identify that you need, and would like to receive support, we will agree and make a record of what it is and how it will happen. We will create a support plan together and we’ll agree who will do the things that need to be done.  It may be that we find things that you can do as well as things that others can do. 

Both assessments and support plans are personal to you and completed with you we will not make any decisions about you without you.

During your carer’s assessment we may discuss the person you look after, as they may have ‘eligible needs’. If this is the case, with yours and their permission we will make a referral to the appropriate local authority service to carry out a needs assessment or to review their existing support. If after their assessment or review they are eligible for support the local authority may offer help and support in a variety of ways. For example, they may offer practical support at home or they may provide alternative care for the person you’re caring for so that you can take a break.

Financial Help

We know that caring can come at great financial cost and families can need help.

Sometimes it’s not possible to do something for yourself without worrying about how you will find the money. If during your carer’s assessment we determine that you need support we may offer financial help, we will talk to you about a carer direct payment while we create your support plan and we will agree an amount to be put on your plan if you agree. 

We don’t want carers to struggle financially, if you need longer-term financial planning help, we can organise for someone to contact you. 

Want to get involved?

You can get involved with Carers Oxfordshire, if you have some time to spare then volunteering as a befriender might be of interest.

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