Carer ID

Carer ID application

A Carer ID issued by Carers Oxfordshire will prove you are registered as an unpaid carer. You can use it to ensure you and the person you care for get the support you are entitled to.

All unpaid carers age 13 or over who support someone of any age living in Oxfordshire can apply for a Carer’s ID.

Situations where you may find it helpful include:

  • Identification when accompanying the person(s) you care for on medical appointments or when collecting medicines.
  • Notifying emergency services that someone depends on you and who to contact in an emergency or crisis.
  • When you or the person you care for are admitted as a patient at Oxford University Hospitals. Find out how here.
  • Identification to employers, education and training settings.

What is a Carer ID?

A Carer ID card is a physical photo ID card the size of a credit card. It is issued to people who are caring unpaid for someone living in Oxfordshire.

The ID card has a unique QR code which provides emergency contact information and your GP surgery number.

It is valid for two years; you can reapply when it expires if you are still an unpaid carer.

Who can apply?

Any unpaid carer aged 13 or over who supports someone of any age who lives in Oxfordshire can apply. Carers Oxfordshire can’t provide a card if the person you care for does not live in Oxfordshire or if you are aged 12 or under, however, you can still receive carer support in Oxfordshire University Hospitals.

How to apply

To apply fill out the Carer ID application form from the link below.

Please ensure that you are adding accurate details and have considered any name changes that you may be expecting as replacement of lost cards and detail changes incur a cost to us.

We will check the information you provide to confirm that you are a carer.

If you are looking after more than one person, apply for a card by entering the details of the main person you support.

 You will need:

  • A digital photograph of yourself similar to a passport photo.
  • Details of the main person who relies on you and their condition.
  • Two emergency contact numbers:
    1. Someone who will be able to provide or arrange support for the people you care for in your absence.
    2. The person you would like to be with you in an emergency.

    If you cannot organise an emergency contact for the person(s) you care for, emergency services will contact the local authority or health care provider. By default, we will include the local authority number 0345 050 7666 on your card.


If you need to get in touch with any questions, visit our contact page.