Rethink Mental Illness Oxfordshire

Rethink Mental Illess

In 2021 Action for Carers Oxfordshire formed a working partnership with the charity Rethink Mental Illness Oxfordshire to increase the range of support for unpaid adult carers across the county. It is under the umbrella name Carers Oxfordshire.

Rethink supports anyone who is a relative, partner, friend, or neighbour of someone with a mental health problem. You do not have to live with the person or provide a specific amount of care or support to use their service. 

The role carers play in helping people recover from mental illness should be acknowledged, valued, and supported. Friends and relatives that look after someone with a mental health problem experience tremendous pressure and stress themselves. It can double their chances of experiencing poor emotional and physical health compared to non-carers.

 Rethink works with carers to create a culture of hope, support, and recovery. They encourage carers to manage, change and improve the quality of their lives and the people they support. 

Support for carers

Rethink has a highly experienced team of Senior Mental Health Recovery Workers that support carers of people with mental illness in Oxfordshire. They provide:

  • One-to-one emotional support from a dedicated Senior Mental Health Recovery Worker
  • Carers Assessments
  • Confidential support designed to meet your needs and preferences
  • Telephone, online and in-person support
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Carers training with the Oxfordshire Recovery College
  • Monthly online and in-person support groups across Oxfordshire
  • Signposting to additional information and resources
  • Guidance and information regarding your rights as an unpaid carer
  • Additional support – such as liaising with the care team of the person you support

2023 Autumn Term Courses

Many people who use the service find they can cope better, even if this is not true for the person they care for.

“Without Rethink, I was feeling low and alone. With support from this service, I feel stronger, and I am looking forward to the future. Thank you.” – Carer, Oxfordshire

 “Thank you to everyone in the team for the ongoing support. As you’re only too aware the role of a carer is a difficult one and the support, openness and friendly approach of the team is invaluable in this.” – Carer, Oxfordshire


Referrals are simple, take approximately fifteen minutes and are usually by phone. They take basic details about you, your situation, and the person you care for. Once your referral is accepted, you will be allocated a local support worker. They will contact you to introduce themselves and arrange your first support meeting. If you are referring another person, please ensure you have their permission to provide Rethink with their contact details otherwise they cannot make contact. Alternatively, pass Rethink’s details to them.

Call Rethink on 01865 904499 or email

Support Group

Rethink runs a monthly online support group for carers. Visit our events page to find out more.