Are you looking after someone of pension age? They could be eligible for Attendance Allowance


Attendance Allowance is paid to people over State Pension age who struggle with day-to-day personal care tasks such as dressing, showering, or moving around safely at home.

It is paid at two rates, a lower rate (currently £61.85/week) and a higher rate (currently £92.40/week).

Eligibility depends on whether they struggle with daily personal care tasks during only the day or night, or throughout both. It is not means-tested, so it doesn’t matter what their income and savings are. If they have a care package from social services, they will only get to keep 25% of the Attendance Allowance, as it will count as income. If the person you care for receives the Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment, they are not eligible for Attendance Allowance.

It can help with extra living costs for those with a long-term physical or mental health condition or disability that causes difficulty doing certain everyday tasks. It’s up to the individual how they spend it, it could be for a cleaner, travel costs or to help pay the bills.

If you think the person you care for is eligible for Attendance Allowance, we encourage you to help them apply.

To claim call the Attendance Allowance helpline on 0800 731 0122 or download a form from and apply by post.

Age UK Oxfordshire offer advice and top tips for making an application, call 0345 450 1276 or visit