We know the importance of peer support, nothing says it better than someone who knows what you are going through.

Time2Talk carers group

We meet on the fourth Wednesday every month, 2-3pm via zoom.  Time2Talk is your chance to meet other carers, listen to each other and support each other on your caring journey.  Every group is attended by a dedicated member of the Carers Oxfordshire team and together in that one hour we conquer the world or make it a little bit easier. 

The Carers Oxfordshire Male Carers Group

We meet for an hour every month, you can join us for our lively conversation, practical advice and information session, we also have occasional guest speakers who our members suggest they would like to talk to.

This new group runs on the first Monday of the month at 2pm, via Zoom.

If you’d like to join one of our groups, use our contact us form to let us know.

Trans Carers Oxfordshire

For anyone that has a family member, loved one or friend who identifies as Trans or Gender questioning, Gender Variant or Non- Binary.


Visit our Facebook page – trans carers oxfordshire

Call 07464 407 204

Other Carer Groups

If you’d like to join a carers group that is specific such as a dementia or Autism group, you can search online:

Want to get involved?

You can get involved with Carers Oxfordshire, if you have some time to spare then volunteering as a befriender might be of interest.

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