Helping carers during the pandemic

Our team are working from their homes to support you.

We have been working hard with our NHS and Social Care colleagues for many weeks now to support them and you as Carers as we come together to manage this latest variant of the Covid 19 Virus.  

What is essential now is that we all plan for the months ahead.  

Be Prepared

Thinking about what would be needed if you, the carer, became unwell is always important, but more so now. Planning now will support you the carer, the person you care for, and the NHS, to cope and feel better knowing you have done what you can to manage the situation. You may be a parent carer that needs to isolate, you may be looking after an elderly parent or a friend whatever the situation this planning is as individual as you and is well worth the time for peace of mind.

On this website you can find what you need to help you plan in case you become unwell: what would be needed if you weren’t there, and how family, friends and neighbours around you may be able to help while you recover.

Endorsed ID for Carers

We are providing a Carers ID letter for those of you who are caring and may need to feel more confident and recognised in the community as a carer for someone. The letter is endorsed by the Director of Adult Social Care Oxfordshire and our Head of Carers Service, Kay Francis and could give you that extra confidence to show that you are a carer if you need to.

If you are able to upload a digital photograph of yourself you can complete the application and submit it easily from here:

To complete a version that you can attach a photograph and post to us please download and print the form here:

Free PPE

To help you protect yourself unpaid carers can receive free Personal Protective Equipment from the local community Support Services if you need it, whether or not you or the person you look after gets a positive result. Guidance about the PPE and how to get it are here:

Stay Well

At this time when support at home may become less available, we thought we would offer some help with ideas of how to keep yourself well in a way that fits with your caring role – our short but effective My Wellbeing Plan will help you to fit just a few things into daily life for you, and Move Together Oxfordshire are providing some great resources and support on their website, you could use some of these in your plan.

Go to the Move Together website and online enquiry form:

As before our Carers Journey programme and other wellbeing offers are being delivered by video so that you can continue take part, doing something for you and staying as well as possible is important.

There’s IT support if you need it to take part in the online workshops, or if you want to stay in touch with family or be part of your local community and need a little help to get started, call our Carersline and ask about it, they will also help to arrange this for you.

We’re still putting you in touch with other local providers and partners for specific things you need. 

Our outdoor events have been discontinued during the pandemic, but we will be arranging free events again as soon as we safely can.

Want to get involved?

You can get involved with Carers Oxfordshire, if you have some time to spare then volunteering as a befriender might be of interest.

Volunteer Today