Merisha Anderson: Carers Adviser

Merisha is our Carers Adviser for Oxford City and Young Adult Carers Specialist.

She joined Carers Oxfordshire in June 2011 after finishing her social work degree at Ruskin College Oxford. She has a young family.

As a Young Adult Carers Specialist, she supports carers aged 18 to 30 across Oxfordshire. She also supports carers aged 18 and over in central Oxford.

Merisha encourages parent carers of children who don’t have a diagnosis to get in touch. “If a parent is giving more support than they would normally to a child of that age we can help. They don’t need to have a diagnosis to get support from us.” She has gained experience working with parent carers of children with autism through volunteer work.

“I took the job to support carers, make life easier for them and reduce the pressure they are under. If they want to chat or are having a bad day, I am here.”

She works Monday to Thursday, 9 am – 3 pm.