No choice but to care

No choice but to care, which finds that 10 million adults in the UK (62%) of current and former unpaid carers had no choice in taking on their caring role. This might resonate with many of you as caring can be taken on for so many reasons, which are often unavoidable.

The research also found that the impact of caring has been more negative than positive for all areas unpaid carers were asked about, particularly for their physical health (53%) and mental health (63%), employment (48%) and finances and savings (47%). The negative impacts as a result of caring were also most strongly felt by those who had no choice but to take on an unpaid caring role as well as women and those aged 45-54.

The profound and encompassing effects that caring can have on our lives means that an ambitious and comprehensive National Carers Strategy is urgently needed to bring together different Government Departments to better support unpaid carers.

In the year of a General Election, we are campaigning for better recognition and commitment for unpaid carers from all political parties. 73% of members of the public surveyed for the research think that unpaid carers should receive more support from the next Government, particularly financial support and investment in social care.